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  • To figure out what your goals are and how to achieve this goal(s) in the most effective way, it is important to know where your stand at the beginning. During the intake we discuss you’re background in sports/exercise, physical injuries, goals, wishes and lifestyle. By doing this you’ll get a realistic view of your behaviour in nutrition and exercise.

    “Your personal program is based on scientific literature and the most effective methods.”

    To keep track of your progress there will be a personal file, so you stay motivated and it will be easier for you to get results. Your personal program is based on scientific literature and the most effective methods.

    Do you want to get more information about nutrition; training methods or the way HN Personal Training can help you? Sent an email to or call 06 26 828 010 and find out which program fits you best! You can do this at every time of the day, don’t wait untill tomorrow, do it now! Stop Saying Tomorrow!

    HN Personal Training provides the following programs:

    Personal Training

    Personal Training

    Weight loss, gaining weight, cardio-respiratory endurance training, muscle strength training, muscle hypertrophy training and/or Ski-training.

    Do you recognize one or more of these goals? Do you want go to the beach without even thinking about it? Do you want to sit on the edge of the swimming pool without being ashamed of your body? Take the stairs without being out of breath? Play football or other sports with your (grand) children? Try to put on your wedding dress on last time? HN Personal Training gladly wants to help you to train in an effective way and offers support and encouragement.

    Medical Training

    Medical Training

    Aftercare physiotherapy, obesity, and pregnancy.

    Do you have any injuries or complaints? Do you get the advice of the doctor to exercise more often? Did you complete treatment with a physiotherapist and now you have to manage things on your own? In consultation with your doctor or physiotherapist and a personal training programme we’ll help you to address the burden. We’ll advise you to gain body strength and what to do to obtain a healthier lifestyle what will enable you to return to normal lifestyle.

    Obstacle Course Training

    Obstacle Event Training

    Strong Viking Run, Mud Masters, Men of Steel, Urban Hero Run etc.

    Did you subscribe to an obstacle run and desire a proper training? Did you promise your friends that you’re joining them but you feel already sorry because you don’t have a clue how to train for an obstacle run? Or do you want to get fit before participating in an obstacle course? If one of these questions you answered with ‘yes’ Obstacle Event Training by HN Personal Training is the perfect way for you to prepare yourself for any obstacle run!  Training with the emphasis to negotiate every obstacle!

    Group Training

    Small Group Training

    Functional varied movements for everybody.

    Small Group Training by HN Personal Training is a functional varied movements training for everybody. The majority of the training consists of movements that you prepare for movements during everyday life. Train together with your favourite gym buddy and achieve your goal(s) together in a fun and cheaper way with the challenging Small Group Training!

    Online Personal Training

    Online Personal Training

    Online personal training, lifestylecoaching and knowledge about nutrition.

    Do you have a gym membership but you don’t know how to achieve your goal? Are you going to the gym for several months now but don’t get the results you wanted? Do you want an effective program without the high(er) costs of a personal trainer? HN Personal Training will guide you step by step to achieve your goal(s)! The program is understandeble for every athlete. If your an amateur or a gymjunkie, HN Personal Training will give you a challenging program based on your goals. You can train where ever you want(in the gym, at work, in your livingroom, hotelroom, or in the garden). With Online Personal Training there’s always a personal trainer by your side!

    Yes, I do...

    Yes, I do…want to get fit for my Wedding!

    Do you want to look at your best on the best day of your life?

    You don’t want to be a few pounds to heavy on the best day of your life, you want to look better than ever! HN Personal Training wants to help you with that. We offer you, brides and grooms, a special program with mealplans based on your specific goal(s), this will help you to be more than ready for the best day of your life!